(2) ODME CD Replication Lines

(2) ODME CD Replication Lines

Product Details

ODME - VDL Miniliner CD DVD two Replication Systems, year 2001 - 1999,
including Injection Molding Machines

Two identical ODME CD systems available

Located in North America.

Scope of Supply Miniliner Plus:

- USED Miniliner Plus, CD Replication system
- Miniliner Plus CD Finishing Line
- Cycle time between 3.7sec CD and 9 sec. DVD-5
- Toolex MXP-1 Molder with CD mold
- Interface Miniliner Plus to MXP
- Condition: very good
- Optional: DVD5 upgrade including DVD5 mold.
- Optional: installation and training.
- All spare parts are available or in stock.
- Delivery Ex-works USA

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