(2004) Gima 840 Sleeving Machine

(2004) Gima 840 Sleeving Machine

Product Details

Gima Model 840 High Speed Sleever Machine for CD and DVD.

The CD840 represents the highest technical achievement in the field of automatic sleeving; it was the first on the market and remains the most appreciated. It guarantees minimal operator interventions and offers a wide range of tailor-made applications; sleeves up to a size of 215mm x 215mm can be handled. The machine in its standard configuration can insert the booklet on top or underneath the disc and can handle full-flap sleeves.

Features of the basic machine:
- Speed: over 100 ppm
- Type of sleeves: light cardboard; paper; Tyvek; Plastic; mixed PP on one side and woven, non woven material on the other;
- Insertion of one booklet

The format change-over is carried out in the following quick and easy procedure:
1. Width of the sleeve: by mechanical adjustment of the conveyor belt;
2. Length of the sleeve: by control panel;
3. Enabling and disabling of the flap closing group from the control panel.

"Zero" time for change-over
Easy programming by means of control panel
Wide range of sleeves dimensions and shapes.