LUBE Grease FS2/7 for Emould and FANUC Molding

LUBE Grease FS2/7 for Emould and FANUC Molding

Product Details

Green LUBE Grease FS2/7 Cardridge

FS2 Lube Cartridge for automatic lubrication of Emould, Toyo, Roboshot and FANUC Molding Machines and other automation equipment. Excellent heavy load carrying capacity, wear resistance, shear stabitity, heat resistance, oxidation stability, water resistance and rust preventive property. For use in LUBE Grease Pump Systems.

Lube products are used in the following injection moulding machines; SUMITOMO, FANUC, TOYO, EMOULD, TOSHIBA, JSW, MEIKI, NISSEI, SODICK, NIIGATE, KAWAGUCHI, MITSUBISHI and DEMAG. Please call us for more information on availablity.

Grease Lube FS2-7 (green). Product Code: P003092 .
Symcon part No: 45193
Symcon part No: 45194
Singulus part Ref: 039280077-000

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