Siegwerk L41BWFR1U1AJ UV Waterless Process Yellow ink

Siegwerk L41BWFR1U1AJ UV Waterless Process Yellow ink

Product Details

Siegwerk L41BWFR1U1AJ UV Waterless Process Yellow ink


Overheadsfoils, transparent packing, book covers, plastic displays, telephone -, cheque- and other IC cards, soft PVC stickers, self-adhesive labels, Deko Molding and In Mould labels, etc... For high requirements at the scratching and scrubbing resistance we recommend a following conversion, e.g. a UV lacquer finish or foil lamination.

  • For one- and multi-colors sheet-fed offset press
  • For printing and application of drying offset
  • For the Di-Litho employment suitable on according reequipped printing machines
  • The UV curing color series of 41-WL can be processed during appropriate machine settings and plate surface temperature with the Toray Waterless negative or positive plates or the Presstek CTP plates.


  • Conditionally suitably for printing on absorbent materials such as paper and cardboard
  • For hard and soft PVC
  • For primed or Corona pre-treated PE and PP foils
  • Conditionally suitable for polystyrene polycarbonate and aluminum foils
  • For ABS materials
  • Low dot gain also at high color density
  • Excellent printability
  • Outstanding adhesion properties
  • Very good product resistances
  • Free of chlorinated binder resins and additives

Adhesion, scratch- and scuff resistance, water resistance (wet scratch and wet scuff resistance) and far-reaching resistances to cosmetics, lotions, shampoos, alcohol, cleaning agents and solvents are normally obtained, when compared to standard requirements, on the following substrates:
  • In-line Corona treated polyethylenes, with surface tension level of at least 40-45 mN/m
  • In-line Corona treated polypropylenes, with surface tension level of at least 42-45 mN/m
  • Lacquered/primered polyethylenes
  • Lacquered/primered polypropylenes
  • PVC soft
  • Coated papers and cardboards
  • Uncoated papers and cardboards
  • Polyethylene "papers" (e.g. Tyvek, Synteape)
  • Top-Coat-papers