Nickel S Pellets (S) 8-12 mm INCO S Rounds

Nickel S Pellets (S) 8-12 mm INCO S Rounds

Product Details

Inco S-Nickel Pellets have the lowest metallic impurity level of any commercially available form of nickel.
Inco S-pellets are a fully-activated nickel anode material ideally suited for electroplating with anode baskets. The pellets are spherical in shape and are made by a special gas refining process that retains a small, closely controlled amount of sulfur in the nickel to maximize its electrochemical activity. Inco S-Nickel Pellets are available in a variety of convenient packages to satisfy large and small scale production needs.

250 kg (551 lbs.) drums; 8 drums per pallet; strapped. Net weight 2000 kg (4408 lbs.)
10 kg (22 lbs.) plastic bags; 5 bags per box Net weight 50 kg;
20 boxes per pallet; stretch-wrapped. Net weight 1000 kg (2204 lbs.)
Available in large bags, net weight 2000 kg (4408 lbs.)

Typical Specifications

Form: Spherical pieces of nickel 6 to14 mm (0.25 to 0.60 in.) diameter.

Packaging Density: About 5.4 to 6 kg/dm³ (0.20 to 0.22 lb/in.³) of basket capacity

Typical Chemical Analysis (Percent)

Nickel > 99.960
Sulfur 0.026

Cobalt < 0.00005
Copper 0.0001
Iron 0.0006
Zinc < 0.00005
Carbon 0.0005
Lead < 0.0002

Exceeds the chemical requirements of ISO 6283, NR9995; BS 375, R 99.95 and ASTM B 39, except for the sulphur content. Nickel by difference.