Symcon Inc. is serving a wide range of recordable plants on the global market. We can offer you the following standard recordable stampers directly from our warehouse:

  • Generic 80 minutes CDR stampers with different MID-codes
  • 74 minutes CD-R stampers with different MID-codes
  • 99 minutes CDR stampers
  • 200 MB Mini CDR stampers
  • DVD-R 8X
  • DVD+R 8X
  • DVD-R 16X
  • DVD+R 16X
  • 8cm Mini DVDR
  • BDR 25GB 1-4X
  • BDR 25GB 1-6X

One of our strengths is our ability to develop and manufacture a wide array of new recordable families with different Media Identification Code, customized Groove Dimensions with precisely aligned pre-pits, and personalized VCI id band.
We specialize in redeveloping existing recordable formats to your specific requirements.

Our technical staff has more than 15 years experience in mastering production as well as in replication and can give you all the support needed to improve the quality and compatibility of your end product or help you to improve the lifetime of your recordable stamper. We also can check the end product for you and tell you where and how to improve.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized price quotation or any further information.